YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

 The Covid-19 pandemic means that it will not be possible to hold a normal Doors Open Day in September 2020. However, this has spurred a number of people to get together to create a series of videos to initially act as a Virtual Doors Open Day for 2020. These are at present a total of 18 videos available here:

These videos cover the whole of the building – the Kirk of St Nichols Uniting in the West Kirk, St Mary’s Chapel, a look at the East Kirk, several different aspects of the archaeological dig including an overview by Alison Cameron who led the dig and specialist reports on the textiles and the human remain.

However, having produced these, we have realised that represent a resource for the future. Therefore we intend to continue producing videos and adding them to the YouTube Channel called ‘The Mither Kirk of Aberdeen’ as they become available. It is intended that these will focus on more specific aspects of the dig, the West Kirk and Drum’s Aisle, St Mary’s Chapel, the Kirkyard and record developments with the OpenSpace Trust.

We hope that you find these interesting. Feedback is always welcome.

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