Archaeology: other artefacts

Week 34 Broken pottery found in sacristy
Some of the broken pottery found
Week 24 Lettered glass, probably 12th century
Early coloured lettered glass

A very wide range of other artefacts were found during the dig. Many of these were associated specifically with a burial. Items such as coffin fittings, shroud pins, remains of the coffin were found. The soil conditions do not seem to have helped plant sourced materials to survive well, but animal sourced materials were found, such as leather and silk. Additionally there were many burial items such as jewellery, coins and tokens. There were also a few oddities – perhaps a pair of spectacle frames would come into that category -and amazingly lenses were found not far away which fitted! When the project is finished, it is hoped that these items will be displayed in the ‘heritage area’ in the lower ground floor. Before then, there is a need to complete the study of them so that they can be identified and their significance understood. On the Blog we are highlighting some of these artefacts and telling a little of what is known already.

Week 6 Three copper coins in coffin lid
Three copper coins in coffin lid