How You Can Help

At the present, the OpenSpace Trust is fundraising towards creating the internal building: Phase 2a. This is a daunting task. Any contributions, large or small, from individuals, companies, or organisations are welcomed. Various options are available.


Membership of the OpenSpace Trust is open to all residents with an AB postcode and enables you to be part of these important developments. Download the OpenSpace Trust Membership Form

One-off donations

We have a simple donation form for individual donations. Cheques should be payable to The OpenSpace Trust. If you are able to make donations by Gift Aid this increases the value of your contribution to the Trust by 25%.

Regular donations

Our Standing Order form enables you to make regular donations effortlessly. The form should be completed, signed by you, and given to your bank. Please let us have a copy of the form so that we know where the donation is coming from and can acknowledge it. If you are able to Gift Aid the Standing Order, please indicate that to us to enable us to make the claim.

Gift Aid

The present arrangements for Gift Aid allow registered charities to claim back the income tax you would have paid to have the amount you donated. At the current rate of income tax, that gives the charity an additional 25% on top of the amount donated. More information can be found on the Gift Aid website.

The Giving Machine

There are a number of on-line retailers which make contributions to charities based on purchases their customers make. The OpenSpace Trust is a member of The Giving Machine. The scheme has almost 400 different on-line stores covering a very wide spectrum of on-line retail outlets. If you wish to help in this way, register yourself at The Giving Machine website and nominate The OpenSpace Trust to receive the donations. Each time you shop online, go into The Giving Machine and access the store you wish to use through their website. Everything else happens automatically; you get your purchases at the normal price and The OpenSpace Trust will receive a percentage of what you paid. You can see the percentage on The Giving Machine website.

Corporate sponsorship

We are always pleased to discuss options available to companies. For larger donations or sponsorship we will put your logo on the website and provide links to your website. Additionally we still have naming opportunities for the largest levels of support. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss options which suit you.