The young Jesus in the temple

In New Testament times, devote Jewish families tried to visit the Temple in Jerusalem each year for the Festival of Passover. When he was 12 years old Jesus went with his family as part of a larger group. After the Festival was over, the group set off back for their homes in Nazareth. Jesus’ parents assumed he was with the group and it was only at the end of the first day of walking when they could not find him that they realised their mistake. The anxiety can be imagined as they hurried back to the big city looking for him. After three days of frantic searching they found him in the Temple courts asking questions and debating with the teachers of the Law. People were amazed at his understanding. The full story can be found in St Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 2, verses 41-52.

Post 68 Jesus in the temple
Mary and Joseph find Jesus debating with the teachers of the Law in the Temple

All the stained glass windows in St Mary’s Chapel feature Mary, Jesus’ mother. In the apse, there is a large window, which depicts three scenes, two of which have featured previously. To the right hand side of the window is a depiction of the scene above, as interpreted by Christopher Whall, the artist who created the window in 1899. The image shows Jesus, obviously making a point in the discussion with the wise old teachers. They have out some of the scrolls they have been talking about and look a little perplexed. In the background, looking through the window, are Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph.